Our Refit and Restructure

Made in Ashford has undergone big changes! We have had a full refit, completely changing our look and space. This has also enabled us to have a restructure to make our shop share  accessible to even more businesses.

Our refit was taken from our brief and made into a reality by the talented TCAT team (the town centre action team – a band of carpenters, decorators and skilled people working for the council to keep Ashford town looking great). They went above and beyond our expectations to create an amazing space for all of our creative small businesses building us a sturdy till point and workstation as well as custom built shop fittings.

The new shop design was based on clean lines, creating space and giving all the businesses a uniform selling space whilst catering for their specific needs. The changed the colour of the walls to a place grey to make products stand out but still keeping it light and neutral. We used unpainted OSB board for our fittings for a modern style interior.

Each business now has the same space so it is easier on the eye for customers but is well differentiated by the merchandising and style of each business. Our restructure has helped us to be accessible to the businesses that can not work and our small spaces are smaller which is reflected in the price. There are different size spaces available ranging from no work commitment and £5 p/w to £18 p/w with 2 days a month work commitment. If you wanted more information on how to apply for made in Ashford click there.

“The refit has streamlined the shop and allowed our products to speak to customers. I think it looks fresh.” – Kate Baker Mosaic Muse, long term tenant in Made in Ashford.

” It’s lovely, more streamline than before and customers do ‘flow’ round” – Handmade by Narjleen, new tenant.

“Made in Ashford is without a doubt my favourite shop in town and I’ve been a customer since it first opened, I never thought it needed to be made better BUT, I’m so impressed with the new refit! The shop looks really professional but still looking funky and different to a run of the mill high street store. There’s also so many more exciting makers and designers in, giving a diverse range of alternative gift and shopping ideas. ” – Casey Brett, Customer.

A massive thank you to Ashford Borough council and love Ashford for financing most of our refit, supporting our restructure and believing in the continuation of our project together. Which gives local businesses a platform to sell whilst keeping our town centre interesting and unique.


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