Who can you find in Whitefriars Food and Craft market?

Whitefriars food and craft market pop up shop in Canterbury is back!


We are so excited that this new mega Canterbury Makers shop has popped up again in Canterbury this time right next door to Next in Whitefriars and it features many of our wonderful Made in Ashford sellers. Today I went over to have a look and this is what I found…

Raindrops and rainbows

Lots of cheery bright here, crocheted into the cutest purses, clutch bags, cacti in vintage cups and even easy care (knitted) fish in jars!

Lucy Alice Designs

Sweet pendants, reclaimed wooden brooches and unique, colour pop cards from one of our original and founding members of Made in Ashford who has created yet again a stunning display.

Somnus and Seb

Bright hand needle felted pomanders, natural felt brooches and bold ever lasting flower stems. We love this seller and her bright products!

Made in Pixieland

Whimsical, vintage inspired products from made in Pixieland. Those pixies have created everything from wrapping paper to keyrings!

Ella Bee

Unique wire crochet jewellery by Ella Bee crafts. Elegant earrings, necklaces and bracelets created from silver wire with stones crocheted in and her new electroplated, supper durable, copper range!

There are just so many incredible businesses to see and more of the Made in Ashford clan are pictured below. In Whitefirais Food and Craft there is also loads of other amazing businesses for you to browse so get your self down there!

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