Meet the Maker – Katy and the Bear

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Come and meet the lovely Katy and the Bear in the next in our series of meet the maker blogs from Made in Ashford.

Firstly who is the Bear?

The Bear is my quirky, creative, chaotic, disorganised, foul-mouthed and ever-so-slightly grumpy partner in crime.
Where and when did you start your business?
My business started in 2010 in Dubai after I quit my full-time job as a graphic designer to travel the world. I wanted a portable and flexible online business and so the company was born.katy and the bear poster
Where do you work now?
I have a small home office in Great Great, I’m lucky enough to stare out the window at trees and fields all day.
Where do you get your inspiration from?
Travelling the world – I moved abroad when I was 17, and have only just returned back to Ashford. I have always doodled in sketch books and collected photos on my adventures and I always look back through them

What is your favourite print?

Personally, I’m a fan of the cheeky ones. “Don’t let the Ba****ds get you down” always motivates me.
500x500Give us your 3 best Father’s day card quotes:
“Dad, You Rock” – simple and to the point works for my pappa bear.
“As far as fathers go, I could’ve done a lot worse” – even if your dad is annoying, there’s always Darth Vader out there
“Dad, you’re cooler than Batman” – is there a bigger compliment?
What new ideas do you have up your sleeve?
I’m going to launch a totally new product in the next month and I’m so excited! Watch this space y’all!
As one of the newest additions to made in ashford what do you think of the shop?
I absolutely love the shop – as an Ashford resident newbie, it’s given me access to new friends and an opportunity to get out and meet new people. What the shop is doing for local makers

500x500 (1)

and artists is incredible.
Returning back to my home town after 17 years away has been a weird experience…I am eager to see how Ashford town centre grows in the next few years and realises the amazing potential that’s here. I’m actually supporting 


other small business and start-ups with my graphic design and photography services by offering low-cost branding packages to get them on their feet. I think it’s so important to support the small, local companies – I think it’s what gives a community it’s identity.
Where else can we get your prints, cards and postcards?
You can buy any of my art online at or in the Canterbury Makers store in Whitefriars, Canterbury. Oh and  I’m also on Facebook and Instagram.

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