Meet the Maker with Kate Baker Mosaics

Our next Meet the Maker here at Made in Ashford with Kate Baker Mosaic Muse:

How did you start making mosaics?

I bought the book “how to mosaic in a weekend” by Martin Cheek as we were renovating together our first house together since marrying in 1997, and I’d decided to mosaic an orca on the bathroom wall in Faversham.


What is your favourite piece you have made?

Damselfly Flutter. It’s the first glass fusion I ever made and it’s combined with mosaic in its background. Glass fusions are made by cutting pieces of coloured glass and layering them and when the piece sits in the glass kiln they melt together. Damselfly Flutter became so important because it was made during a 7 day masterclass with the author of the book I’d read and it came at a time when I’d injured my back and was unsure of my future. The piece marks the start of what became my new career. Part of it I used to create my brand colours and logo too. It was gifted to my father for Father’s Day in 2012, when I found out he had cancer. I’ve been asked to make another as a commission but I’ll never make another one of this design.


How long do they take to create?

Depending on size and complexity and frequency of tile cuts, a minimum of 4 hours up to a maximum of 3 weeks, was my longest to date. Designing, cutting, sticking, drying and then grouting and finally cleaning all adds up.


Where do you source your tiles?

Mosaic trader online, plus mosaic supplies

kate baker mosaic muse studioonline. Venetian milifiori from Effectre, Murano Island. Glass from warm glass and hearts


from Sweden. Vintage and broken crockery from many kind friends and café owners who have chipped their vases, cups, plates and teapots.


How long have you been a part of made in Ashford?

Since May 2016


Tell us a bit about your made in ashford experience:

I’ve found it a very supportive shop with the friendly companies within it all at different stages of retail. It’s been great to have my work in the public eye and arrange it in the shop environment.

I enjoy being in the shop, meeting the public, helping to manage it when on rota and getting to see which of my products are popular.

What support do the council give your business and the shop?

The council have very fair licence fees. The team have helped with online advice, social media training and promotion through Love Ashford.


kate baker mosaic muse

What are the next steps for your business?


I’d like to sort out my website and Etsy shop and build the number of galleries my work is in.


When/where are your up coming workshops and events?

I run beginner workshops throughout the year…people get in touch after meeting me at an event I may be at, or seeing me at open studios. It’s surprising how many people have fav pieces of crockery they’ve always intended to make into a mosaic, but they never get time. I’m here to help them learn the skill and the rest is up to them.

My calendar and current workshop dates are below.


 Find out more abut Kate Baker Mosaic muse by popping in to Made in Ashford or on to her facebook page here.

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