Made in Ashford started in October 2015 as a 3 month pop up shop with the support of Ashford Borough Council. A pair of local small, creative business owners (Lucy and Melissa) were approached by the council to take on an empty unit in the newly council purchased Park Mall shopping centre in the heart of Ashford town centre. They picked some other businesses from their own creative networks and set up a shop share between the 6 of them.

Since then the lives of Lucy and Melissa have changed quite dramatically as well as the shop. Lucy and Melissa each had a new baby and Made in Ashford evolved into a platform for many more businesses to sell on Ashford High Street. Melissa continued to manage the shop working closely with Ashford Borough Council to form what it is today!

Made in Ashford is a fabulous team of businesses that work well to promote each other and look after our stylish shop. We all bring different skills to the table from the modern, commercial merchandising to helping each other get into trade shows or with social media, there is an enormous amount of knowledge and support in our team.

Throughout or journey our shop has changed and improved to suit the businesses within it and to help more be involved. Ashford Bourough Council have encouraged and enabled our vision and by working closely with them we are very excited about the future of our incredible shop share!

Where our shop is located in Park Mall (which Ashford Borough Council purchased) there is a growing number of independent shops and cafes who also work hard to support each other. ABC and Love Ashford also nurture us and the town centre heavily and to find out more about them and Ashford town events take a look at the love Ashford website.