Who can you find in Whitefriars Food and Craft market?

Whitefriars food and craft market pop up shop in Canterbury is back!


We are so excited that this new mega Canterbury Makers shop has popped up again in Canterbury this time right next door to Next in Whitefriars and it features many of our wonderful Made in Ashford sellers. Today I went over to have a look and this is what I found…

Raindrops and rainbows

Lots of cheery bright here, crocheted into the cutest purses, clutch bags, cacti in vintage cups and even easy care (knitted) fish in jars!

Lucy Alice Designs

Sweet pendants, reclaimed wooden brooches and unique, colour pop cards from one of our original and founding members of Made in Ashford who has created yet again a stunning display.

Somnus and Seb

Bright hand needle felted pomanders, natural felt brooches and bold ever lasting flower stems. We love this seller and her bright products!

Made in Pixieland

Whimsical, vintage inspired products from made in Pixieland. Those pixies have created everything from wrapping paper to keyrings!

Ella Bee

Unique wire crochet jewellery by Ella Bee crafts. Elegant earrings, necklaces and bracelets created from silver wire with stones crocheted in and her new electroplated, supper durable, copper range!

There are just so many incredible businesses to see and more of the Made in Ashford clan are pictured below. In Whitefirais Food and Craft there is also loads of other amazing businesses for you to browse so get your self down there!

Bombalicious – Meet the maker

In our first series of Meet the Maker blog posts here at Made in Ashford we interviewed Donna from Bombalicous. This is what she had to say:bombalicious-made-in-ashford-e1495477754965.jpg

My business:

I make and sell natural and tested bath bombs and soaps. They are all vegan friendly and SLS free.

I started my business in February 2016 and I love being able to help those with sensitive skin and cater for the vegan market with Bombalicious.

Why I started it:

I was inspired to start Bombalicious when my daughter and niece were unable to have bath products in their baths due to skin conditions. I researched a lot into what ingredients I could use in order to provide those with sensitive skin a bath time treat. I only use the best  natural ingredients.

New products:

I have just started to look into a new pamper set containing a soap a bath bomb and a teddy shaped flannel.

bombalicious bath bombsWhat I like in my bath:

My favourite bath bomb i like to use in my bath is the apple and the strawberry ones!

I love the smells and I often put them together. I usually use one large bath bomb or 3 small ones in my bath!

Where I create my products:

I have a work shop that I create my products in, this is in the form of my Dads garage! It has power and all the space I need to create my master pieces! And the best part is I am not disturbed and I can make as much mess as I like!

Staplehurst makers:

I am part of a very talented group of people called the Staplehurst makers, we try and meet once a month to discuss things such as Etsy, Instagram and Facebook. We help each other a lot by sharing posts and helping advertise each others business.

We must have at least 30 businesses involved in Staplehurst makers and every business is different.


Money Off Promotion

In Made in Ashford we have money off of selected businesses in store until the 28th February 2017.

There is lots of goodies to choose from and you could pick up a Mother’s Day present or a treat for your self at a bargain price!  It is always worth popping in our shop as we have a wide range of products and we are home to over 30 businesses now, which is expanding daily (and we are very nearly full. If you want to join us get your application here). All of our makers bring new products in regularly as the just cant stop creating new wonderful things so there will always be something new to look at.

Here are pictures of  some of the items that our in 10% off promotion:

Made in Ashford Relaunch Party

Made in Ashford is back in full swing after our refit. We have successfully settled in over 30 small, creative, local businesses into our shop share. So a couple of weeks ago we had a party to celebrate! Here are some of the photos of the event:

We had live demonstrations of us at work  (here is Louisa of LouLou Moore embroidering a hoop).
16990469_10158305285625080_822142868_o (2).jpg

We had lots of nibbles…
We were visited by Ashford’s favourite breakfast DJ – the one and only Webbo!
webbo made in ashford.jpg

And here he is with some of the team…

team made in ashford shop relaunch.jpg

We also had visits from Councillor Graham Galpin and the town regeneration team including the town regeneration manager Jo Wynn-Carter and Regeneration Assistant (Town Centre) Emily Holland. Without whom there would be no Made in Ashford, they have championed the project and believed in it & us fully.

Tom, the TCAT leader also came to check out all of his teams handiwork in action. TCAT put together our refit from our vision and did above and beyond so massive thanks to them too.

We had lots of friends, family and loyal customers come to show their support. I was having so much fun chatting to everyone I didn’t manage to take many more photos to here is the final one!


Our Refit and Restructure

Made in Ashford has undergone big changes! We have had a full refit, completely changing our look and space. This has also enabled us to have a restructure to make our shop share  accessible to even more businesses.

Our refit was taken from our brief and made into a reality by the talented TCAT team (the town centre action team – a band of carpenters, decorators and skilled people working for the council to keep Ashford town looking great). They went above and beyond our expectations to create an amazing space for all of our creative small businesses building us a sturdy till point and workstation as well as custom built shop fittings.

The new shop design was based on clean lines, creating space and giving all the businesses a uniform selling space whilst catering for their specific needs. The changed the colour of the walls to a place grey to make products stand out but still keeping it light and neutral. We used unpainted OSB board for our fittings for a modern style interior.

Each business now has the same space so it is easier on the eye for customers but is well differentiated by the merchandising and style of each business. Our restructure has helped us to be accessible to the businesses that can not work and our small spaces are smaller which is reflected in the price. There are different size spaces available ranging from no work commitment and £5 p/w to £18 p/w with 2 days a month work commitment. If you wanted more information on how to apply for made in Ashford click there.

“The refit has streamlined the shop and allowed our products to speak to customers. I think it looks fresh.” – Kate Baker Mosaic Muse, long term tenant in Made in Ashford.

” It’s lovely, more streamline than before and customers do ‘flow’ round” – Handmade by Narjleen, new tenant.

“Made in Ashford is without a doubt my favourite shop in town and I’ve been a customer since it first opened, I never thought it needed to be made better BUT, I’m so impressed with the new refit! The shop looks really professional but still looking funky and different to a run of the mill high street store. There’s also so many more exciting makers and designers in, giving a diverse range of alternative gift and shopping ideas. ” – Casey Brett, Customer.

A massive thank you to Ashford Borough council and love Ashford for financing most of our refit, supporting our restructure and believing in the continuation of our project together. Which gives local businesses a platform to sell whilst keeping our town centre interesting and unique.