Joining us

So, you would like to sell your products in Made in Ashford…

Here is a bit about all of our spaces so you can choose the best one for your business.

made in ashford outside

We have spaces that are permanent and fixed so you wont need to bring in your own display furniture, just props to add height and individuality to your space. We tailored sections of the shop to suit different creators needs such as slatline for clothing. Most excitingly we have a work station so that we can create whilst we are in store!

made in Ashford demo days

From our experiences of running the shop we know that not everyone who has a small businesses can help run the shop for the day so we have spaces that don’t require you to work and have created incentives for those businesses that do.

No Obligation Work Spaces

Upper 2 or lower 2 shelves £5per week
2 x shelves out of the 4 on the wall. Upper 2 or lower 2 shelves (including  floor space under bottom shelf).
Shelves have 30cm height gap between them and are 30cm in depth.
50cm width approx (a few cm over).

Commission = 20%


Jewllery Cabinet £5pw
1 shelf in jewellery cabinet.
37cm deep x 61cm wide

Commission = 20%

Obligated to work spaces

Table space £7 p/w

48cm wide x 48cm deep with a 60cm back board (which is the maximum elevation of your products). You will also have use of the floor space under your table top with an approximate height of 60cm.


min work commitment for a £7 space is 1 full day (or 2 half days*) per month 15% commission.

*half days can only be worked if someone can be found to work the other half.

Full height space £9 p/w

min work commitment 2 full days (or 4 half days*) per month 10% commission.

3 x shelves and 1 deeper table top. Floor space below.
32cm between shelves.
30 cm depth of shelf

*half days can only be worked if someone can be found to work the other half.

38005487_10160743953675080_5782051403857920000_n (1)


For those clothing or other appropriate businesses who are approved to go on the slatline it is £5 per arm per week with no work commitment or £10 per week for a floor to ceiling strip of slatline coat hanger width with 2 days per month working in store.


*half days can only be worked if someone can be found to work the other half.

Other important info

A license to trade in store is 3 months min* then monthly rolling after. Your rent for your license is paid directly to the council a month in advance. The commission is deducted from your takings which will have a monthly accounting period (to work out your commission based on how much you work) paid to you from the shop.

Days working in store can still be taken as half days (if we can find someone to take the other half day) or whole days. You will need to undertake training before you can work in store (it takes approx 2 hours).

We do lots of fun things in store like regular meet ups, help support each other. We have window takeovers where your biz can takeover one of our windows for your own super display. We run workshops upstairs to help develop and share your skills if you wish to. We even do live window demonstrations. There is a lot going on in our little shop and a huge amount of support and opportunity.

There is a limited number of space available and we want to maintain high quality products & businesses as well as a good variety in the shop. If you are interested then you will need to fill out a short application form.

*Please note if you wish to trade in store for December you will also be required to stay until February 28th.

Please download, fill out the application form below and email it back to us!

1 Made in Ashford Application Form